Journal Your Way To Success


JOURNAL YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS provides a way to organize your life with intention. Mindful self-care is the key to success at work or at home! It helps individuals prioritize self-care by taking one hour per day to engage in six activities and journaling about their experience, plans, and ideas inspired by these activities.

The goal is to become more organized, more successful in your career, stronger physically, and find more balance and peace in both your personal life and career.



After each activity, there is space to journal what you have learned, and two more pages to write down additional ideas as you think about your experiences. This journal challenges the individual more deeply as the weeks continue with the end goal being more success, balance and happiness in life.

The ideal result: a happier, healthier, more successful you!

Sandie Troup has 30 years of experience as a Corporate Executive Recruiter and Career Coach, where she has helped global organizations manage complex recruitment programs and has hired thousands of qualified candidates.