30-Minute Session


30-minute session: This is quick and easy but may require additional sessions.


This is a 30 minute 1:1 customized session with Sandie via Zoom. This is quick and easy but may require additional sessions.
In this session, we will identify/discuss what you are seeking to achieve in your personal or professional life.
This can be assistance in setting personal goals of improving your health, nutrition, or emotional well-being.  OR maybe you want professional advice on how to obtain a career goal that you are struggling with.  I find that sometimes meeting those specific professional goals requires you to address some personal issues and vice versa.  You cant separate personal and professional, they go hand in hand and do complement one another when everything is in harmony!
Sandie can help you identify tasks needed to achieve each goal and the tools you can use immediately that will be ones you can also use in the future.
This session is an investment in your future and the behaviors you will learn that will benefit you throughout your life.