Little Women
A True Love Story
by Sandie Troup

Early 2022!

Women are not little! This brilliant novel is a reflection of my life, how I learned to love and speak my truth whether the world likes it or not!!

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Journal Your Way to Success

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Your Journal … where you are guided daily to intentionally find more organization, success, and peace in your life…

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Your Journal guides you through activities helping you gain & maintain more confidence, make more money, lose weight, get more organized, and find more peace in your day!

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JOURNAL YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS provides a way to organize your life with intention. Mindful self-care is the key to success at work or at home! It helps individuals prioritize self-care by taking one hour per day to engage in six activities and journaling about their experience, plans, and ideas inspired by these activities. The goal is to become more organized, more successful in your career, stronger and more flexible & resilient physically, and finding more balance and peace in both your personal life and career.

The Journal will challenge you with six activities daily and after each activity, there is space to journal what you have accomplished and learned, and two more pages to write down additional ideas as you think about your experiences.

The Journal challenges YOU, the Individual, more deeply as the weeks continue. The end goal being more success, balance and happiness in life. But don’t stop there! After 12 weeks of progress, you’ll want to continue the process in another Journal.

The Ideal Result: a happier, healthier, more successful You!

Se Habla Espanol?
A Spanish edition of Journal Your Way to Success is now available!

Customized Coaching Sessions

Sandie Troup’s special coaching program guides them from the basics of career orientation, resumé preparation, and lifestyle to the more complex aspects of leadership communication, professional networking, and salary negotiations.

In 30 years of experience as a Corporate Executive Recruiter and Career Coach, Sandie has helped multiple global organizations to manage complex recruitment programs and thousands of qualified candidates to land a highly-paid dream job.

Let’s work together to elevate your career game!

Personal Sessions

Career/Personal Trainings


My Pledge to you

My Pledge to You

I will take you through the entire job-seeking process and help you land that Ideal Job.

I will take you step by step through the sometimes difficult employment process until you negotiate that Ideal Offer. And along the way, I’ll show you valuable life skills that will improve your Professional Performance.

Let’s find SOLUTIONS to help you discover  ways to experience more success & happiness in your life!

“I had the pleasure of working directly with Sandie in her recruiting role as a candidate for a consulting firm.  Right off the bat I felt extremely comfortable with Sandie as she was extremely transparent about the position and company.

Due to my own personal circumstances the interview process extended on for several months and I was able to form more of personal relationship with Sandie.

She went out of her way to accommodate my needs and created a position for me that I never would have dreamed of.

Sandie’s flexibility and kindness as a recruiter not only allowed me to be completely open and honest about my desires as a professional but also on a personal level and I truly thank her for that”


Mesa, Arizona

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My view of myself and the USA

My view of myself and the USA

My view of myself and the USA where I am from has changed today and this is why:       1. I was raised to prioritize my looks/appearance, money, and my career, those were my identity.  Not here in Costa Rica (I will call it CR for this article's...

My Favorites

My new favorite discovery store: Yoga Blessings I support sustainable merchants and they make all their yoga wear out of recycled plastic bottles and make them custom with your order!!! LOVE! Yoga Democracy Activewear USA Made, Eco-Friendly Women-owned bizAll...

I love my life!

I love my life!

I love my life!  I have figured out how to travel the world, work stronger and live bigger all at the same time!  Why do we feel like we have to separate work and vacations, why cant your work and life be one BIG vacation?  I know mine is.   These two pics are my...


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