About Me

Sandie Troup, Life & Career Coach…


I have been a Corporate Recruitment Manager and a Business Owner for over 35 yrs. I also have a personal life story that guided me on a healing journey 7 years ago and today I am proud to say I am more whole and better person for leaning into my pain and manifesting a better life for myself.


In 2019, I discovered my gift of writing when I published my first book, Journal Your Way to SuccessThis Journal is the first book of many more to come.


Since then I have developed an impressive reputation internationally as an Author, Business Owner, Humanitarian/

Global speaker who is passionate about serving humanity and helping others discover their true potential in life. 

I have a depth of technical and personal experience and by sharing my life story I find that I can help develop others personally and professionally in life. 




My Oath To You

Let me help you set personal or professional goals, cut out the clutter in your life, and find your true destiny with ease and grace!  I am confident with my consultation you too can discover your true life potential as I believe this life on earth is meant to be enjoyed not just survived!!! 

I started my own business offering clients headhunting services, career coaching, life coaching, healing guidance in the areas of health, nutrition, trauma or any aspect in your life that feels neglected. I am seeing such a strong need of frustrated candidates, that I am directing my energy into my own business.

For example, in the area of career coaching, I can help you identify the right opportunity and tools needed to find your Dream Job. Or if your need is more personal, like nutrition, health, or self care I can help you develop a program guiding you to a stronger, healthier lifestyle.

My unique coaching program is for anyone seeking to better themselves in life.


This journal is an amazing tool to discover your goals, develop self confidence and prioritize
self-care so that people can experience success in their careers and professional lives.

Purchase your Journal today here and get started on finding your true potential in life.


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