I love my life!  I have figured out how to travel the world, work stronger and live bigger all at the same time!  Why do we feel like we have to separate work and vacations, why cant your work and life be one BIG vacation?  I know mine is.
These two pics are my “offices” in Sedona and Playa Grande, Costa Rica!  I love my office setup!!  Do you?
I have found that when I am not at home, my creative juices flow!  I write better, have a stronger engagement with my clients, do more coaching and place more candidates when I am not having to focus on my Homefront responsibilities.  I hate laundry, getting the car washed and vacuuming, never liked those tasks, and don’t think I ever will.
I love my work and what I do.  I not only get to do my work in exotic locations like Sedona, AZ, Costa Rica, or Bali, Indonesia but I also get to engage with amazing people, create lovely personal friendships, and a lucrative business network where I have established an incredible reputation!  I have worked hard the last 10 yrs to develop several businesses, career coach, life coach, write books, and be a global speaker!
My new business plan includes travel year-round!  My goal is to be homeless and travel more! 
I have learned how to set goals, small goals, and really big dream goals.  I then manifest those goals!  I have a today plan, a monthly plan, a quarterly plan, a 2-year plan, and then a 5 yr plan.  I use to get really overwhelmed with the thought of setting goals and now I get really excited!
I just keep adding new fun adventures to my ambitious goals!!!
Life is an adventure and I plan to have one heck of an exciting wild ride!!!!  Fasten your seatbelt Sandie, cuz here we go!!!!