My view of myself and the USA where I am from has changed today and this is why:
    1. I was raised to prioritize my looks/appearance, money, and my career, those were my identity.  Not here in Costa Rica (I will call it CR for this article’s sake).  Here they prioritize family, love, health, and happiness.
    2. I worried that as a single woman that I would be taken advantage of by men, merchants with my money, taxi drivers, and even locals acting like my friends but they have other intentions.  But when I came to CR I soon came to realize that the above was in fact the USA and not CR at all.  For example, I accidentally overpaid a taxi driver here in CR and he left the overpayment with the hotel front desk….come on…who does that???  Not anyone I know in the US.
I have also made friends here and in fact, I feel like they are more supportive of me, more loving and care, truly care about my happiness.  My friends in the US seem to judge, gossip and criticize or ask me a million questions when in fact all they needed to ask me “are you happy Sandie, because you look and act really joyful and full of love right now and I am so happy for you”.  That’s what my friends say to me in CR.  I feel at home here.  I feel like this is where my “family” is.  Or a deeper tribe.
    3. I always identified with organic, sustainable, clean energy…all of that…I would do my best to recycle, buy sustainable clothing and reduce my energy intake in my home-I care about this precious earth!  But all of these steps are timely, expensive and so hard to find in the US-its is such a damn fight!  
But (and you knew this was coming) in CR this is how they have always operated!!!  
Did you know that in CR 80% of their energy comes from water and the wind?  And this has been the case for decades and decades in CR.
The US still can’t coordinate efforts.
    4. People here are raised to love, be passionate and find their truth…whatever that may be.  Families are loving, parents are strong individually and as a couple.  Men care for women and I mean “care”.  They don’t pretend to care and have an agenda, they truly care.  They watch what food you like to eat and prepare that for dinner.  They recognize when you are tired, stressed, or feeling emotions that they need to draw you a bubble bath, pour you a glass of wine, and order take-out (or room service and remember they know just what to order), and I can’t help but say I feel more loved and cared for in a deep way and what who of you man does this?  Not any man I knew in the US but it’s the majority of the men I know here.
So I am going to stop here because many are moving here to get out of the chaos in the US and I don’t want another US here in heavenly CR.
Pura Vida!!!!